The Lebanese Violin.

Handmade Violins By PAG Beirut,
 Lebanon [email protected] 

Violin No 15                  Sold to   Mrs. Maria Daoud
Violin No 111                  Sold to   Mr. Avo Vache Dakissian
Violin No 41                  Sold to   the    Super Star  Mr. Jihad  Akl
Violin No 45           Sold  To Mr.    Amin  Daou

Violin No 50                             Sold To Mrs.   Samira Riyachi

Violin no 84   Sold to  Chantal Yammine.

Violin No 100            Sold To Mr.  Ahmed Cheyban

Violin No 2            Sold To Mr.  Bernard Hajj

Violin no 58   Sold to  Hala Homsi.

Violin No 37                 Sold to the priest Charbel A.M

Violin No 4                    Sold to Mr.Daniel Hachem
Violin No 31                              Sold To Mr.  Charbel Bou Antoun
Violins No    3 , 6, 9, 17 ,132                   Sold To Mr. Rimon nassif
Violin No 79                       Sold To Mr. Naji Azar          
Violin No 18                     Sold To Mr.Mohamad Brift    (stolen after one year !!!)
Violin No 12                Sold To Mr. Karim kawas

Violin No  49                            Sold To Mr Andre Sweid

Violin No 34 & 29             Sold To Mr.Khalil Al Baba  
  Violin No 13                               Sold To Mrs.   Cynthia Al Jamouss
Violin No 38                              Sold To Mr.  Saddam Hamieh

Violin No 93                              Sold To Adel Joseph karam

Violin No  43                            Sold To Mrs.   Samira Riyachi

Violin No 126                      Sold To Afrah Shibu Meran

Many pictures of my sold violins will be added soon...if you have one of my violins please send  me a photo  holding your violin same as above and i will add it on this page...



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Violin no: 15 sold  

Maria Daoud

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